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Jerome / Idaho / United States
Established in 1935, Producers Livestock Marketing Association serves people in the livestock industry. The company has the No. 1 sales barns in Utah, Idaho and Oregon. It sells livestock most western United States markets. The company also offers hedging services through its commodities office. It also provides services, such as feeding and grazing. Producers Livestock Marketing Association is a member of the National Livestock Producers Association and Sheep & Goat Fund. It is located in Jerome, Idaho.
Beatrice / Nebraska / United States
Beatrice 77 Livestock Sales is a company that specializes in the selling of cows and bulls. It provides a variety of auction services for cattle. The company features an online schedule of its daily events. Beatrice 77 Livestock Sales also deals in several goods, such as wheat, corns and soybeans. The company is located in Beatrice, Neb.
Billings / Montana / United States
Established in 1934, Billings Livestock Commission is an auction firm that deals with the sale of cattle. The company is based in Billings, Mont. On the 4th weekend of each month, Billings Live Stock Commission auction out horses a rough figure of around 500 to 1,100 head sell on these weekends. The company also hosts The Northern Livestock Video Auction, which is broadcasted live through satellite and the internet, by which buyers can place their bids for northern breed cattle.
Anaheim / California / United States
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Chelsea / Oklahoma / United States
South Coffeyville Stockyards - Professional Marketing with a Personal Touch. We are a family owned and operated stockyard, marketing your cattle since 1989. Sale every Friday at 11:00 a.m. Live on-line broadcasting every Friday.
Letohatchee / Alabama / United States

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Salem / Utah / United States
The Producers Livestock Marketing Association is a cooperative-owned company that deals in country order buying. Founded in 1935, it serves clients in the livestock industry. The association sells private treaty cattle throughout the West and the Midwest. The Producers Livestock Marketing Association also offers risk management services. The association maintains sale barns in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and California. It offers feeding and grazing solutions.
Sweetwater / Tennessee / United States
About East Tennessee Livestock Center Since 1962 East Tennessee Livestock Center and its staff have been leaders and innovators in the livestock marketing industry. Joe Houston and the Smoky Mountain Feeder Calf Association pioneered graded feeder calf sales which remain a mainstay of our business. The first graded Holstein steer sales were held at the ETLC. We began selling cattle on video in the early 1980s, and in 2001 held the first electronically IDed sale east of the Mississippi. We do this for only one reason. We always are trying to find ways to showcase our customers cattle in order to get the maximum price for their livestock and to make the marketing process as easy as possible. We continue to receive cattle for your convenience on Tuesday nights until 9: 00 pm and on Thursday nights until 8: 00 pm before our special sales. We open on Wednesdays at 6: 30 am and on special sales at 7: 00 am. We offer transportation to and from our market, and market price information is available through our toll-free number 1-877-652-9017 or our website at Whether you use one of our special sales or our successful weekly Wednesday auction, we appreciate the trust you show when you bring your cattle to us. Thank you for choosing East Tennessee Livestock Center in Sweetwater where our customers always come first. We look forward to working with you and for you in 2010 and beyond.
Woodward / Oklahoma / United States
Sale Every Tuesday -Cows, Bulls & Baby calves. Thursday -Feeders and Stockers We start at 8:00 am Sharp both days!
Gonzales / Texas / United States
Gonzales Livestock Market buys and sells various breeds of cattle. It livestock includes sheep, goats, horses, cows, bulls, calves and yearlings. The company offers livestock handling and shipping services. In addition, it operates seven days a week. The company ensures compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture. Gonzales Livestock Market is located in Gonzales, Texas.
Mcalester / Oklahoma / United States
Established in 1974, Mc Alester Stockyard, doing business as Sherrill Livestock provides livestock market reports. It provides information on special dates and events. The agency also assists with online reports and maintains the records on yearly basis. It is located in McAlester, Okla., and provides data on high, low and average- yielding packer bulls and cows.