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Holyoke / Massachusetts / United States
The mission of DeCice Hall is to provide a seedbed in which our common humanity may be nourished, a hospitable center for spiritual and religious development, and a respectful space for ecumenical growth. ..... Amenities include: meeting space for 4-60 people; on-site parking; comfortable conference chairs and tables; hospitality kitchenette; beverages provided; multimedia center; podium and microphone; dry erase board, flipcharts and supplies; personalized assistance with programming a single event or series; HP accessible parking, entrance, restrooms and meeting space. ..... The ministry of DeCice Hall is rooted in and energized by the Word of God and is an expression of the Charism of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary. DeCice Hall offers a congenial, contemporary space in which religious and community groups may gather and grow holistically and spiritually. Spirituality in everyday life is at the heart of DeCice Hall ministry...