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Amherst / Massachusetts / United States
REMI was founded in 1980 on a transformative idea: government decision-makers should test the economic effects of their policies before theyre implemented. Our commitment to a better understanding of the economy drives our unceasing process of innovation in economic theory and practice, software development and application, and the use of quantitative economic analysis to guide policy decisions. We are proud of the pioneering work that our clients have done and continue to do, and their ongoing contributions to informing and guiding the policy-making process. In environmental agencies, economists use the REMI model to develop policies that maintain economic growth while improving air quality. With REMI models, analysts have demonstrated the economic viability of numerous highway, port, and rail projects. When states reform their tax systems, they turn to REMI to understand how business activity can be encouraged while funding public services and to determine when companies should receive tax incentives. Our dedication as an organization maintains our position as the provider of the worlds leading regional policy analysis models. We invite you to find out more about our products and services. Join us in a common goal of improving policy decisions.