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250 West St Ludlow Massachusetts 01056 United States


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New England Pallets & Skids, Inc has been manufacturing wooden pallets for over 27 years. The company is operated and managed by Peter and Cynthia Kawie. Both Peter and Cynthia are hands-on owners which means being on the production floor daily.Over the years, we have seen the pallet industry change drastically. We started out making pallets by hand with a daily volume of 100 pallets. Today we have state of the art machinery, run by computers, which allows us to offer our customers volume cutting and assembling and lower prices. We currently manufacture over 3000 units per day.We are members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. Due to our membership, we lease the new PDS program on a yearly basis. This is a CAD program designed by Virginia Polytechnical Institute and is a wonderful tool to use in either designing or redesigning a pallet.Not less than ten years ago, all of our pallets were shipped to customers on flat bed trailers. Over the past seven years, 90% of our customers require box load deliveries because of safety issues and inclement weather. This means that we can provide you dry pallets, even during a New England northeaster.With our years of experience, we can come to your company to view packaging issues in order to make a determination as to the proper pallet for the your needs. New England Pallets & Skids

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New England Pallets & Skids at 250 West St, Ludlow, Massachusetts 01056

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New England Pallets & Skids phone number 4135836628

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You can call at 4135836628.You can fill out the form at

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The Zip Code 01056

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