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For over 50 years, Benedict Mr Economy has been cleaning, repairing, servicing, and unclogging drains, septic systems, pipes, and anything else in your home or business that involves water and sewer service. We offer 24-hour emergency service and the best rates in the county. Water is one of the most important parts of your life, but water can also cause great damage when something goes wrong. When trouble starts, call the professional sewer and drain cleaner to stop it. Benedict Mr Economy has been cleaning commercial and residential drains and pipes in Logan, McLean, Mason, DeWitt, Menard, and Tazewell Counties for over 50 years. Someone has to be the best, and thats what you need - the best. Thats why almost 100% of calls to Benedict Mr Economy are referrals from satisfied customers. Nobody wants a clogged sewer or drain, but everybody wants to know who to call when it happens. Call Benedict! With a septic system, you cant just flush things in the toilet or down the drain like you would with a public water and sewer system. If you do, sooner or later youre going to need the help of Benedict Mr Economy to clean it out. Contact us today and well evaluate your system FREE! It doesnt matter if your problem is at home, at the office, or any other location. What matters is that you call Benedict Mr Economy at the first sign of trouble. Contact us anytime, night or day! Your business is important. If a water or sewer issue arises, it could shut you down indefinitely. You cant afford that, but you can afford to call Benedict Mr Economy. Once we are on the job, well get you back in business ASAP because if you are not in business, then we are not in business. Dont wait until its too late. Contact us at the first sign of trouble! You wont know your hot water heater has quit until it is much too late. There are no warning signs, but dont panic! Just call Benedict Mr Economy for 24-hour emergency service ASAP!

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Benedicts Mr Economy at 518 N Madison St, Lincoln, Illinois 62656

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Benedicts Mr Economy phone number 2177328165

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You can call at 2177328165.You can fill out the form at

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The Zip Code 62656